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CNC Retrofits
Turret Punch Controls, Retrofitting a whole new way
The PC800 control can be used to retrofit many different machines,
scroll down to see some machines retrofitted by PC Controls.


square 1988 Amada® FBD/NC9F 7-axis CNC Press Brake retrofitted with the PC800 control.

1988 Amada FBD/NC9F 7-axis CNC Press Brake Retrofit

square1981 Amada® Pega-344 retrofitted with the PC800 control - Speed: 3000 ipm - 280 hits per min. on 1 inch centers.

1981 Amada® Pega-344 Retrofit

squareWiedemann® W3050 retrofitted with the PC800 control.
Wiedemann® W3050 Retrofit

squareStrippet® 1000XP retrofitted with the PC800 control.
Strippet® 1000XP Retrofit

squareStrippet FC1250 Turret Punch Press retrofitted with the PC800 control.
Strippet FC1250 Turret Punch Press Retrofit

squareStrippet 30-30 Single Station Punch Press retrofitted with the PC800 Control.
Strippet 30-30 Single Station Punch Press Retrofit

squareWhitney 630 Single Station Punch Press retrofitted with the PC800 Control.
Whitney 630 Single Station Punch Press Retrofit

squareCincinatti Shear retrofitted with the PC100 single axis Control.
Wysong 1010-RD Shear Retrofit


Machine Models Retrofitted by PC Controls 

Turret CNC Punch PressesCNC Press Brakes

Amada Aries Turret Punch PressAmada FBD/NC9F 7-axis CNC Press Brake
Amada Coma Turret PunchAccurpress Press Brake
Amada Coma Turret Punch with PlasmaAFM Press Brakes
Amada Pega Turret Punch with Auto-IndexAFM 8-axis CNC Press Brake
Amada Vela Turret PunchAllsteel Press Brake
Behrens Turret PunchAmada RG Press Brake
Chassismaster Turret PunchAmada HFB Press Brake
Diacro QCT Turret PunchAmada FBD Press Brake
Nisshinbo Turret PunchAtlantic/Haco CNC Press Brake
Raskin RT85 Turret PunchAutomec
Raskin RT102 Turret PunchBaykal Press Brake
Raskin RT132 Turret PunchBertsch 400 Ton, 16' CNC Press Brake
Raskin RT145 Turret PunchBetenbender Press Brake
Strippit 1000XP Turret Punch Beyeler CNC Press Brake
Strippit 1000 II Turret PunchChicago Press Brake
Strippit 1000 III with original HEC80 ControlCincinnati FM Press Brake
Strippit 1250 Turret PunchCincinnati AS Press Brake
Wiedemann Centrum Turret PunchCincinnati CB Press Brake
Wiedemann Magnum Turret PunchD-Ann Darley Press Brake
Wiedemann W2040 Turret PunchDiacro Press Brake
Wiedemann W3050 Turret PunchDRC
Wiedemann W4560 Turret Punch with PlasmaDurma Press Brake
W.A. Whitney 661, 3400, 3500 & 3600 Multi-Punch PlasmaEdwards Pearson CNC Press Brake
 Farina Press Brake
 Fischer 8-Axis CNC Press Brake
Single Station CNC Punch PressesGasparini Press Brake

GMS Hydraulic Press Brake
Amada SPH-30 Single PunchGuifel Press Brake
Strippit 18/30 Single PunchHaco-Atlantic Hydraulic Press Brakes
Strippit 30/30 Single PunchHurco Press Brake
Strippit 30/40 Single PunchHydrapower Press Brake
Strippit Super 30/30 Single PunchPacific FF135-10 CNC Press Brake
Strippit Super 750 Single Punch Niagara Press Brake
Whitney 630 Single Punch Nisshinbo Press Brake
Whitney 650 Single Punch Pacific Press Brake
Whitney 652 Single Punch Piranha Press Brake
Whitney 647C Single Punch with Plasma Promecam CNC Press Brake
Whitney 647D Single Punch with Plasma Pullmax Press Brake
Whitney 647 Plus Single Punch with Plasma Safan Servo Hydraulic Press Brake
  Standard Press Brake
  LVD Press Brake
  Toyokoki Press Brake
Shears (CNC & Manual) Verson Press Brake

Wysong PH Press Brake
Pexto S-2120 Shear Wysong PHP Press Brake
Cincinnati Shear Wysong Fab Press Brake
Diacro Manual Shear Wysong MTH Press Brake
Euroshear Promocam Manual Shear YSD Hydraulic Press Brake
LVD 13OH25 Shear  
Pacifica FS210 Shear  
Steelweld Manual Shear  
Wysong RD1010HD Shear  
Wysong RD1010RD Shear 
Wysong 1225 Shear 

Some Machine Controls Replaced by PC Controls 

CNC Turret Punch Controls

Fanuc 200B

Fanuc 3000C

Fanuc 6M

Fanuc OOP










Westinghouse 2560

Wiedemann W-Series


CNC Single Punch Controls

Automation Intelligence

Creonics Panelgage 1

Creonics Panelgage 2

Creonics Panelgage 2E

Creonics Panelgage 3



General Electric GE2000


Whitney Autopoint

CNC Press Brake Controls

Accurpress AP2, ETS 2000, ETS 3000



Cincinnati AS, AF, FM, FMII, CB, CBII

Cybelec DNC 50, 60, 80, 90, 800, 900, 7000, 7300, 9000

Delem 22, 42


Hurco AB 4, 5, 6, 7, 10

LVD MNC 85, 8000, 85000, 95, 9000, CADMAN






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