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FAQ, Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
What are the major benefits of a PC-Based control retrofit?
  • Some of the major benefits include improved machine productivity, improved reliability, non-proprietary replacement parts, and state-of-the-art, PC-based technology including remote access technical support via the Internet.
I've seen retrofits on other sites for less than $10,000, why are yours more expensive?
  • Most of these "inexpensive" CNC retrofit controls are merely parts that must be integrated by the end user. Our PC-based retrofit package is a complete software/hardware system that requires no additional parts or programming.
  • Often "inexpensive" CNC retrofit packages require expensive engineering, programming and testing done by the end customer, not the integrator or supplier, and most importantly, extensive machine down time.
  • Most of these packages are "one-size-fits-all" deals which are not customized to your unique control & machine needs. All PC Control's retrofit packages are specially designed & engineered for your make & model of machine & integrated with its unique capabilities in mind.
What about software for the control? Do I have to purchase that separately?
  • When you purchase a PC Controls retrofit controller, our custom, Window's-based software is incorporated in the package and includes customization of the software to best meet your needs & the capabilities of your machine tool.
  • PC Controls also provides its customers with unlimited, free phone support during regular business hours which includes a remote access portal for technical assistance through the Internet and basic software updates & modifications based on your needs.
Do I have to change Axis Motors when I retrofit?
  • In most cases, we are able to interface our PC-based control into your existing servo motors & amplifiers. If the machine's servo system is reliable & able to be serviced for the future, we will use the existing equipment, unless the customer desires an upgrade in this area as well.
How long will be machine be down during the retrofit?
  • Most retrofits take a week or less (3-5 days) on-site, depending on the type of machine & control options requested. The 3-5 days of installation includes complete operator training as well.
Will my machine tool work faster after a retrofit?
  • A PC-based control retrofit improves speed of operation and programming.
  • Many other productivity gains are provided, including Ethernet connectivity of your machine tool to your company network & unlimited part tool storage with easy access via Window's based file storage system.
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