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Why Upgrade


The PC800 control provides major improvements in equipment reliability when compared to other “proprietary” controls. The PC800 control has PC-Based reliability. In the event of a control failure, in many cases, your own maintenance and information systems personnel can repair the control. Yearly cost of internal downtime and repair of older, proprietary controls can run as high as 20 times that of the PC800 control.
What this means for your company is major cost savings for service and repair of your equipment and significantly improved machine uptime.


Manufacturing demands in the sheet metal fabrication industry continue to increase in complexity and therefore require increasing capability from machine tool control vendors. The PC800 control provides all the processing power and capability of the personal computer to drive your machine tool. The PC800 has increased X & Y table speeds up to 150% & turret rotation speeds up to 150% on machines retrofitted with this control. The PC800 control also provides major time savings in creating and storing machine programs. The Punch Wizard software and touch screen display make programming and operation straightforward and truly user friendly. There is no need for operators who are skilled in M&G code generation.
What this means to your company is significantly lower programming costs, lower direct labor production costs, and faster through-put of parts in your factory.


Personal Computer technology is growing at a much faster pace than Programmable Logic Controller hardware. Faster processing speeds, expanded Random Access Memory, and large hard disk capacity give the end user of the PC800 Control access to increases in control & machine speed & reliability. Due to increasing global competition among PC manufacturers, hardware and software performance increases as hardware prices decrease.
What this means for your company is greater machine capacity and capability at lower costs using the PC800 control.


 The open architecture of the PC800 system allows virtually unlimited connection to I/O and data networks. The PC800 allows you to connect your machine tool control directly into your company computer network just as you do with any other PC. Our PC-based control allows seamless integration between the PC800 and other hardware and software running on your plant computer network. Virtually all other control manufacturers continue to use proprietary machine tool controls, which lock the machine tool user into one support vendor to service their equipment.
What this means to your company is easy integration of the PC800 into your company computer system and increased efficiency in your factory.

Feel free to contact us by phone at 888-738-7672 or by e-mail at info@pccontrols.net

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